Born from an obsession and appreciation for the fabric, Denue is a global marketplace for the world to buy and sell designer, premium and vintage denim. Denue is driving a movement to keep quality denim in circulation and provide consumers with a sustainable and viable alternative for adding to their denim wardrobe.

We are building a global denim community where people pass on to others what they no longer wear and look to Denue before buying brand new—extending the life and reducing the carbon footprint of each piece we sell in the process. We envision Denue as a staple in the sustainable future of fashion.

Denue is where denim happens.


Explore new and preloved designer, premium and vintage denim from all over the world in our global marketplace. Find timeless denim apparel, rare one-of-a-kind items and old gems from top denim brands that you can't find in stores.

If there are any issues with your order, every transaction conducted on Denue is covered by Buyer Protection


Find buyers for your denim on Denue.

It is free to list and sellers only pay a 5% commission (not until February 15, 2023) on sold items plus the PayPal processing fee. Just like buyers, sellers are also protected on all transactions processed on Denue. 

Read more about selling on Denue here.


It is no secret that producing a new denim garment can be very resource-heavy and environmentally damaging.

Extending and prolonging the life of denim is a more sustainable alternative to recycling. Resell it or wear it 'til the wheels fall off is what we say.

By adding preloved or prebought denim to your wardrobe, you're slowing the demand to create new denim which in turn is a win for our environment.

The best denim in the world already exists.


Denue is mission-driven, denim focused marketplace founded in Toronto, Canada. It provides a global platform for the quality and environmentally conscious to buy and sell denim.

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