Frequently Asked Questions - Buyers

Each seller is responsible for shipping the sold item to their buyer. These details are available on the listing or seller profile.

Each seller has their own processing and shipping times which are available on the listing or seller profile.

Each seller will have their own return policy. This will be outlined in the product listing or seller profile.

The buyer is responsible for paying any applicable duties and taxes in the receiving country.

All transactions are processed in $CAD. For your convenience, you can see estimates in other currencies based on recent exchanges rates. Please note, however, these prices are estimates and actual prices may vary on current exchange rates and your financial institution. Denue takes no responsibility in the accuracy of exchange rates applied to your purchase.

You can email us any time at

Frequently Asked Questions - Sellers

Click the SELL NOW button at the top of the home page and follow the steps for creating a listing. Read more about selling on Denue HERE.

It is free to list on Denue. Sellers pay a 5% commission fee plus the PayPal processing fee on sold items. 

Denue takes a 5% commission fee on sold items. 

The seller is also responsible for paying the PayPal processing fee.

Sellers are responsible for shipping the item to their buyer. We recommend using your local postal service with a tracking option.

You will need to add the carrier information and tracking number to the Denue platform.

All payments are processed via PayPal Commerce Platform and your earnings wil be made available in your PayPal account once the transaction has been processed.

Yes you can read more about selling on Denue HERE.

Please indicate the Brand name in your listing and select 'No Brand' from the drop down menu. Our team will get the Brand added and update your listing for you.

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