Shipping: A Comprehensive Guide for Sellers

Shipping: A Comprehensive Guide for Sellers

After successfully making a sale on Denue, you will need to make arrangements to ship the item to your buyer. Whether you're a first-time shipper or simply need a refresher on the shipping process, we will break it all down for you. In this post, we provide a detailed guide on how to ship your items on Denue. Explore the various shipping options available to you and find valuable advice throughout the article. Here's our comprehensive guide to understanding the shipping process on Denue...


Right now, sellers must arrangement shipments independently with the carrier and rate of their choice. We recommend using your local postal service with a tracking option. All sold items must be shipped with a tracking number in order to be eligible for Denue Buyer and Seller Protection.


Review this advice before adding listings to your store and deciding on your shipping fees. 


Untracked parcels aren’t covered by PayPal or Denue’s seller protection. For high-value items, add insurance and ask for a signature too. This helps to build trust in your shop and gives buyers confidence.


As mentioned above, we recommend shipping with your national postal service (Canada Post, USPS, Royal Mail, or other) with a tracking option. This will likely be the cheapest option and allow you to offer your buyers the best possible rate.

UPS, FedEx and DHL are good options for international shipping if your local postal service is unable to ship internationally. All of their websites are able to give you a rate once you key in the shipment information (To, From, Weight, service level).

When choosing a courier, consider: 

  • Where your item is going: international/domestic 

  • Convenience: some couriers will collect packages or have more convenient drop off options depending on your location

  • Usability: How easy is it to print shipping labels? All major carriers and most national postal services allow you to print labels directly from their website

  • Customs: check out the rules around importing goods in different countries. Some packages will be held until a tax is paid. All applicable import duties/taxes are the responsibility of the buyer in the receiving country


 Add a note in the shipment thanking your buyer or include an anecdote about the denim they are buying (if you have one). We are big on the stories that denim tells and the interesting places they go.


Once you have determined the carrier and sent your package on its way you will need to upload the tracking information into the Denue platform for your buyer. Here is a step by step guide for completing this:

1. From the DENUE dashboard, select 'Sales' and then 'Active Sales'
2. Find the order and select 'Details'
3. Select 'Update Order Status' and change to 'Shipped'
4. Enter tracking details and click Submit!

An email will be sent to you buyer with their tracking details.

Please enter the tracking information into the PayPal transaction details as well.